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The Mission

We all deserve to feel like we are enough because the truth is, we are. Everything we have ever needed has been inside of us the entire time. The right approach to mindfulness will enable a healthier mental wellbeing. By learning to accept ourselves, accept others and accept all of the things that happen around us is the key to unlocking the life of liberation you have always wanted. Together, confronting the past in a healthy way, we can move forward and heal, allowing room for a new, truer reality. A healthier, happier world is the most beautiful impact one can make. Let's create that beautiful world together. 


Eric began writing his own blog titled 'Down & Back' which brought the seriousness of mental health and the shortcomings of mindfulness to the forefront of his attention due to the response from sharing his own struggles. Read along with Eric's journey and his view around mental health and mindfulness. 

Our Services

We offer a range of services to help you get the most out of yourself. All of our limitations stem from the unaddressed traumas, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that stem from a subconscious level. Through study, life experiences and time as a professional athlete, we can reframe all of those negative thoughts, past events and create new habits that will allow you to not only find a place of good mental well-being, but also give you the opportunity to extract the necessary tools that life gives us to move forward and accomplish all of your goals.

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Private, individual sessions to discuss your most challenging issues. A completely safe space in which you are handled with care, compassion and understanding. 

Ideal for those who are working through life's traumas or are looking to tailor a game plan to their specific limitations and reframing them into assists to conquer the respective field they want to move forward in. 


Have Eric at your next event. With a wide range of speaking topics and experience, Eric discusses the importance of mental health, leadership tactics, ways to bring the true power of your mind to fruition and inspire you through the adversities he has faced in his own life. 

With such a range, Eric is perfect for your next event.


Group sessions are held to better educate the masses on how to cope with the stresses of life and how to extract specific tools from those lessons. 

With experience working with students in schools to the corporate work place, Eric provides a well rounded approach with strong leadership qualities to deliver an effective product to audiences.


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