Why The Acceptance Project? 

Mental health around the world is plummeting. A once in a lifetime pandemic has completely upended the way we live our lives and has forced many people into isolation, depriving them of the social distractions that once served as a bandaid for our internal issues. 

Further to the problem, the approach to mental health we take as a society is failing us. When we look at athletes, they train their entire lives to enable their bodies to perform at the highest level while avoiding injury. It's time we begin to treat our minds with the same intention.

Thanks to my own battles with mental health, I have a very real and complete understanding of the battles we go through when we are in that mind state. What I have learned in my journey, is not only how to pull ourselves out of that dark pit, but understand how we can take lessons and develop tools to be the best version of ourselves. Each emotion we feel has a benefit to us and because of that, most are misunderstood due to the perception there are negative emotions.


Our emotions are the cause of our success and failures, the difference is knowing how to differentiate what is needed in the right moments. This is where mindfulness practice comes to play. Once you are educated and have a better understanding of what your emotions are actually there for, you can tackle everything that lies in front of you- creating the dream reality you have always wanted. 

Meet Eric


Born and raised in the United States, Eric is a former college basketball player and has played nine seasons professionally around the world. In 2016 after the loss of his mother, Eric spiralled into depression and battled with thoughts of suicide over the next 18 months. In 2018, after walking away from a suicide attempt, his next journey began. He began to heal those traumas by accepting what had happened, the emotions within him and who he was as a person thanks to the help of his future wife, Carlie. In 2020, Eric began writing about his journey, sharing his thoughts with the world. The reaction to the blog posts were overwhelming and because of that, Eric found his purpose.

The Acceptance Project was created to allow everyone to reach their fullest potential. Eric was given a second chance in life to become the best version of himself and he wants to see everyone have that same opportunity. Through study at university and various other programs, life experience as a professional athlete and his personal mental health battles, Eric has cultivated the tools to help you achieve the clarity you deserve. 

"I was given a second chance in life and I want to afford others that same opportunity. There are few times in our lives that people will truly believe in you and want to see the genuine best for you, that is something I can tell you from my own experiences. I hope to provide that for as many people as I can during my lifetime because we are all worth it. We all have the tools to live the life we truly want and feel fulfilled in our day to day experiences, we just do not know how. If no one believes in you, even if you don't, just know that I do." -Eric