Barbara Pease - Sunshine Coast, Australia


Eric is an exceptional individual, working with mental health and mindfulness in individuals giving them the opportunity to find the peace we all deserve. As a body language, relationship and goal setting expert and multiple best selling author, I can confirm Eric ticks all of the boxes to give each person the knowledge, advice and care they need to move forward in their lives. Along with mentoring from my husband Allan Pease, Eric is a dynamic writer and speaker that delivers his messages across many platforms.

Scott and Jasmina.jpg

Scott and Jasmina - Ljubljana, Slovenia


Eric has a way of listening to your stories and pulling out the important information and hidden meanings. He has opened mine and my wife’s eyes to certain patterns that we run and how we can change to better ourselves. He is extremely good at what he does, and I would recommend him to anyone willing to change. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving him a chance to work with you.

Sue .jpg

Sue - Canberra, Australia


Eric is an enthusiastic life coach who can pinpoint a problem area in your life circumstances. He uses his accurate intuition, keen senses and extraordinary talent with help from the Wellness Breakthrough Academy to help people understand what’s happening. To accept what’s occurring. To acknowledge the dark sides within us all and to honour those unique gifts that we all have hidden within. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Eric for a session, although one will never be enough.


Mark Varitimos.jpg

Mark - Brisbane, Australia


"Eric is incredibly intuitive, supportive and has a passion for helping people grow. When working with people, he creates a safe space where anything can be discussed. After working with Eric, I felt more liberated and inspired to be the best version of myself!"


Filia - Canberra, Australia


Eric is a mentor that makes you feel fully heard and understood. He has such an uplifting approach and helped me see my potential. Eric brings in a different perspective through deep insights and made me feel very safe and supported. I can only recommend working with him.

Barbara Pease.jpg